Any school or public education institution aspiring to maintain a high quality of teaching and an esteemed position in a society knows the value of teachers’ lifelong learning.

Poland’s public education sector  has experienced a number of changes in the recent years. Teachers face a lot of challenges in their daily jobs. On the one hand, they have to ensure the directives of the Ministry of Education’s Reform are being implemented; while on the other, they make conscious efforts to conduct their classes in an inspiring and engaging way. That calls for a lot of dedication and flexibility. Needless to say, a passionate teacher who can successfully pass knowledge and encourage pupils to study, is a priceless asset to any school.

To help the teachers to continue their educational mission with passion and optimism, we have prepared a number of dedicated trainings, including the following topics:

  • The authority of teacher – how to build it?
  • Assertive communication in a classroom.
  • Non-violent communication. How to talk to parents and students?
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour patterns in a classroom. Building an atmosphere of trust.
  • Inspiring children to learn in an Internet era.
  • Multiculturalism. Embracing diversity.
  • Dealing with Occupational Burnout.
  • Change management. Retraining of teachers.

Our Offer

Our offer is dedicated to organisations wishing to build their competitive advantage by investing in their biggest potential – staff’s development.

More and more companies are becoming aware of  the need to introduce a culture of a learning organisation among their employees. Enterprises valuing a continuous development notice a direct relationship between amending, updating and gaining new knowledge, and simultaneously solidifying their market position.

Employees with a wide selection of business skills achieve their individual goals and team targets quicker and more efficiently. That contributes to a sense of high personal effectiveness and satisfaction from work. Companies, in turn, enjoy a low staff turnover.


We believe that a change for the better in a part of an organisation works for the whole company’s success and  the success of the whole company resonates in its every part.

The project is co-financed by European Union as part of European Social Fund's Project: "Radom's Business III"


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