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Being a good sales person is like a mission. Professional sales people boast an array of skills which help them achieve and overachieve their targets. They know their products and their clients well.  They closely analyse market trends and they also  know the advantages and disadvantages of their main competitors. What is, however, really characteristic of excellent sales people, is their ability to establish and maintain nurturing, long-term business relationships. They are great communicators and outstanding team players. They know the value of a continuous personal development and expanding the sales knowledge.

If your team is missing  any of the above features, we’ll be happy to help you out!

Once we analyse your company’s strategic goals, sales processes in place, as well as the sales reps range of duties, we’ll prepare a tailor-made training solution based on a selection of modules:

Hard Skills

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Handling clients’ objections
  • Language of persuasion in a salesman’s profession
  • Types of clients

Soft Skills

  • Establishing and maintaining long term business relationships with clients
  • Consulting and coaching in a salesman’s profession
  • Communication and assertiveness

Our Offer

Our offer is dedicated to organisations wishing to build their competitive advantage by investing in their biggest potential – staff’s development.

More and more companies are becoming aware of  the need to introduce a culture of a learning organisation among their employees. Enterprises valuing a continuous development notice a direct relationship between amending, updating and gaining new knowledge, and simultaneously solidifying their market position.

Employees with a wide selection of business skills achieve their individual goals and team targets quicker and more efficiently. That contributes to a sense of high personal effectiveness and satisfaction from work. Companies, in turn, enjoy a low staff turnover.


We believe that a change for the better in a part of an organisation works for the whole company’s success and  the success of the whole company resonates in its every part.

The project is co-financed by European Union as part of European Social Fund's Project: "Radom's Business III"


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