About Us

SKILLS FACTORY is a training company established in 2013 by a group of business trainers and coaches with a vast professional work experience  gained both in Poland and abroad.

We have both cooperated on and conducted hundreds of training projects for various clients, including: outsourcing companies (BPO/SSC), media groups, as well as public institutions: public offices, schools of higher education, public schools and non-government organisations. We have also have  experience in consulting small and medium enterprises.


Our mission is the personal leadership of each employee. We support managers in the process of becoming leaders. We help employees to grow into efficient teams. We promote a learning organisation culture thanks to which enterprises gain a competitive advantage to develop a sustainable business and to continuously achieve better results.

Our Values

What Makes Us Different

  • Each training is conducted by two trainers.  The presence of a couple of trainers increases the group’s dynamics. By complementing each other, they gain a better insight into the group process than just a single trainer. With two trainers in a group, the participants receive more quality feedback and learn more effectively.


  • We use modern adult teaching methods: case studies, dedicated board games, simulations of real-life business situations, blended learning, etc. The active methods help the participants learn and practice new business skills as individually required. In addition, every participant receives thorough training materials containing both academic references and a set of practical tools to be used in their daily work, right after the training ends.


  • We have a complex and a long term approach to our clients. From our experience we know that our trainings are most effective when the participants are encouraged by their managers to implement the newly acquired skills at work once the training is completed. We also assist the managers by giving them ready to use tools to support and monitor employees’ progress after the training.


  • Each participant receives an individual post-training report containing the description of their involvement in the group process, the social roles they undertook throughout various exercises, own personal advantages and trainers’ recommendations for further personal development. In this way, the concept of a learning organisation is being introduced and built from bottom up.


The project is co-financed by European Union as part of European Social Fund's Project: "Radom's Business III"


ul. Idalińska 52 C
26 – 600 Radom

Email: info@skillsfactory.pl
Tel: 722 039 721

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