Goal: to build a sales team in a newly founded branch in Poland.


International financial company with its headquarters outside Poland was going through a restructuring process. The aim was to outsource the company’s sales department to Poland. The client needed  local support with  the candidates’ recruitment and selection process for the position of Customer Sales Representative (CSR). The next step was to conduct a professional on job training, which would equip them with a skillset to reach their monthly targets and also to meet the market’s demands.

 Activity undertaken:

First of all, we conducted a joint internal audit  with the client’s HR team. As a  result, a detailed job description for the position of a CSR Poland was drafted. Together, we  established the required range of previous professional experience, as well as the list of skills and competencies the candidates should have when applying for the job. Then we looked after the recruitment and selection process in the client’s chosen destination.

Once we successfully hired all CSRs, we prepared a 40-hour training developing employees’ both hard skills (negotiation techniques, handling clients’ objections, learning goal setting methods) and soft skills which focused on building lasting relationships with customers and helped to cooperate within a sales team (communication styles, characteristics of various team roles, synergy in a team). Developing a habit of perpetual expansion of one’s knowledge on products, market and client trends was stressed as an important feature of a professional sales person.

As per client’s request, the training was conducted both in Polish and English.


The newly hired and trained employees started their jobs with strong commitment and high motivation. Thanks to the on job training, the CSRs were able to put the gained knowledge into practice and  to create their own individual customer service techniques, in synch with  their personalities. Feeling comfortable at work and satisfied with  their individual input into the sales team resulted in a  gradual increase of the branch’s effectiveness. Within 6 months from training, the company had noted an average sales increase of 19,5% with a  simultaneous increase of the clients’ satisfaction by 45%.