Goal: To equip teachers with  tools and techniques that would help them to deal with insubordinate pupils and demanding parents.


The teachers declared a lack of knowledge of practical tools with which they would be able to comfortably conduct conversations with both pupils and their parents on difficult topics. This was extra strain on their work  and negatively influenced the quality of teaching.

Activities undertaken:

During the training needs analysis we  elicited a number of recurring  situations in which the teachers needed the most  support. As a result, we composed a three months  training which involved both group and individual coaching sessions. The topics covered included: interpersonal communication skills, theory of conflict, moderation and facilitation techniques, assertiveness techniques, innovation and mission in the teacher’s profession.


Pre-test and post-test analysis showed that teachers noticed  increased  job satisfaction. Thanks to the newly acquired skillset, they were able to talk freely with both pupils and their parents on sensitive or challenging topics. At the same time, the teachers noticed a positive correlation  between improved communication in the class and  higher effectiveness in motivating the pupils to engage in prosocial behaviour. Moreover, the teachers declared  better cooperation among each other. Trusting in their own abilities, the teachers took more courage to solve daily problems in the class independently and creatively.