Goal:To build an efficient team out of the administration department’s employees and also to create a team’s working scheme.


Despite having high qualifications and an impressive skillset required to meet  their duties, the administration department’s employees were not able to work with each other effectively . The team members preferred to work individually and thus only took responsibility for the results of their own work. The management experienced a number of difficulties while managing this group. Thus, the training was handled as the last attempt to resolve the issues among the group’s members before the structural changes would needed to be introduced.

Activities undertaken:

Once we learnt about  the specifics of the client’s situation, we offered a 16-hour workshop on the team building. The training was conducted with the use of active methods and with a close attention paid to the group process. The topics included:  composition of a team, synergy, team roles, team’s development stages, theory of conflict, communication in a team and teamwork planning with the use of metaplan methodology. During the training, the participants came to the root of the problem within the team, which was competition and the lack of trust among each other. The issue was successfully resolved thanks to a moderated discussion, open communication and granting space for everyone to express their needs, expectations and goals for the future cooperation in a group.


The employees returned to their daily duties as an effective team, knowing one another’s advantages and understanding the role of an individual person’s input into the team. Reference received  from the client proves that the change in employees’ attitude towards work and cooperation was a permanent one. Thanks to the training, there was no need to introduce structural changes to the administration department.