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The development of new technologies has brought a number of changes in the media sales landscape. Brands opt for personalised marketing, using tablets or smartphones as information carriers. The previously practiced mass communication based on bombarding clients with various communication types in the hope of the message reaching the end client, is now seen as outdated and ineffective.

Today’s marketing is interactive. New media communicate with their target audience, encouraging them to share their opinion on selected products or services. As a result, the client receives only those marketing messages which relate to the services or products he is potentially interested in. Brands are well aware of their clients’ tastes and needs from the history of their mutual relationship.

Modern marketing trends have established a new type of business relationship between the seller and the buyer. No wonder that traditional sales techniques no longer generate the required results. The ability to build and maintain lasting business relationships based on trust, exchange of knowledge and experience, is a number one skill of today’s salesperson.

Based on our media sales experience gathered in Ireland,  we have prepared a special training program for advertising sales teams in newspapers, magazines, periodicals, publishers, internet portals, radio or TV stations.


The method implements elements of coaching and business consulting into a sales interview. By asking specific questions, the salesperson brings the client’s attention to particular segments of his or her business. Consequently, by analysing his or her own business, the client himself/herself notices the advantages of investing in advertising as one of the ways to attract new customers, improve sales and to increase the competitive position on the market.

Once the client’s needs are identified, the salesperson shares their experience on effective marketing solutions and psychology of advertising in order to work out a successful concept of the advert.

During our media sales training we use modern training techniques, including a dedicated board game and e-learning activities. e-learning.

Our Offer

Our offer is dedicated to organisations wishing to build their competitive advantage by investing in their biggest potential – staff’s development.


The project is co-financed by European Union as part of European Social Fund's Project: "Radom's Business III"


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