The statistics show that there were over 80,000 NGOs registered in Poland in 2012, including 11,000 foundations and 72,000 associations. NGOs in Poland focus mainly on sports and hobby-related activities (38%), art and culture (17%) and education (14%).

Regardless of the organisation’s type, NGOs  need a varied training offer, which would help them to fully use their potential. That, in turn, will increase the number of initiatives they are ready to undertake in both public and private sectors.

Our training offer includes the following training modules:


Hard Skills:

  • European Funds – how to avail of EU grants?
  • Innovation Project Management – most common mistakes during the planning and implementation phase.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of EU’s Operational Programme Human Resources Development
  • Public Relations in NGOs  – building a positive image in the media.
  • Volunteers – where and how to recruit them?
  • Human resources management and team building. How to develop staff’s potential?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – how to establish and maintain relationships with corporate business sector.
  • Economic activities in NGOs.
  • Finance management in NGOs.


Soft Skills:

  • Leader’s Academy. Development of leader’s skills in NGOs.
  • Time management and organisation of work.
  • Communication within an organisation.
  • Conflict solving.
  • Stress handling methods.
  • Occupational burnout – how to prevent it?
  • Coaching in NGOs.

Our Offer

Our offer is dedicated to organisations wishing to build their competitive advantage by investing in their biggest potential – staff’s development.


The project is co-financed by European Union as part of European Social Fund's Project: "Radom's Business III"


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