Magda Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys

A business trainer and a coach. A graduate of the English Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Magdalena continued her education at PR Academy in Dublin, School of Professional Coaching in Krakow and Elżbieta Sołtys School of Business Trainers in Krakow. She is also a member of the Polish Society of Business Trainers and a lecturer at post graduate studies “Coaching” at the Higher School of Economics in Radom. Magdalena specialises in trainings and workshops in the following areas: recruitment and selection, team building and development, sales techniques and customer service. She has 13 years’ professional experience in Poland and abroad, mainly in PR, marketing, sales, as well as strategic development of small and medium enterprises. She is also an active executive coach. In the past, she conducted trainings for the following: University of Technology in Warsaw, EU Projects, European Students Services (ta., Polski Express Magazine, BFS Finance (Bertelsmann Media Group), AIG Lincoln Poland, KDS, Graphic Studio 813, Public Elementary School in Jedlanka, 24th Public Kindergarten in Radom, Mazovian Centre for Teachers’ Development, Language School “Planeta”, Polish Children and Youth Foundation as well as NGOs: “Wiosna”, “Polites”, “Karuzela”, Rural Area Citizens Development “Perspectives.” On a private note, Magdalena is interested in multiculturalism and ethnic minorities. She also cooperates with the Irish Times newspaper as a journalist and interpreter. She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Przemysław Kozak

A psychologist, a trainer of business, NGO and public administration institutions. A graduate of post-graduate studies in Human Resources Development at Warsaw University and Elżbieta Sołtys School of Business Trainers. A licensed trainer of “Parachute” program for people searching for a job or changing careers. A member of the Polish Society of Business Trainers and the Expert Team on Small and Medium Enterprises Development at President of Warsaw’s Office. He also trained future trainers during the “Successful Trainer” Program organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Przemysław specialises in building self-learning organisations, human resources management, management’s and self-development. Przemysław’s client pool encompasses: Bank PKO SA, Media Markt, Saturn, TEST HR Recruitment Agency, The Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Patients’Rights Representative Office, Cracow Labour Office, Mazovian Social Politics Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wroclaw University of Economics, Polish-American Freedom Foundation’s School of Leaders, PKPP Lewiatan, NGO “Wiosna” and The Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives. In his free time he enjoys hiking and skiing.

Anna Komasa

A professional head-hunter, a trainer and a lecturer. Anna graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, the English Studies, and from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in London where she studied Employee Resourcing, Learning and Development, Employee Reward and Employee Relations. Anna specialises in human resources management – starting from recruitment, selection and skills assessment through talent development and employees effectiveness reviews to building competence models and career paths. Anna has over a dozen years’ experience in human resources consulting. She has conducted numerous projects on executive search, recruitment and selection, Assessment and Development Centres as well as outplacement projects. She has worked for many international concerns and local firms from the following sectors: steal industry, packing industry, FMCG, chemical industry, building and construction, electric, etc.

Michał Wolak

A trainer, a coach, and a quality management consultant. A graduate of Human Resources in Krakow University of Economics, INTRA School of Trainers in Warsaw and post-graduate studies in coaching at Tischner European University. A lecturer at the School of Professional Coaching in Krakow and the Head of Malopolska Region’s Coaching Chamber. For over 3 years Michał had worked as a team leader of an accountants’ team. Later, he progressed to a position of an internal trainer, where he gained the expertise on lean management and Kaisen techniques for increasing both productivity and the quality of production processes in various companies. Michał has had over 3000 training hours. He also runs personal and life coaching, management, team and project coaching. Additionally, Michał specialises in interpersonal communication, Non-Violent Communication, management and leadership skills. Michał has conducted trainings for the following: TVP SA, Redwoods, Poznan Labour Office, DGA SA, Medical University in Warsaw, Stolbud Włoszczowa, Kopex, Zielona Energia, KZN Bieżanów, Verbis, Kominus, Dubiel Vitrum, Arlekin, Neo-Net, Ban-food, Rothlehner, Capgemini, Angos, Valor, Inbit, Biomed, Instytut Doskonalenia Produkcji, KGHM, Dr. Oetker.  As a trainer, he is mostly interested in effective communication skills and personally, he is a big fan of a Non-Violent Communication approach. He is also drawn to the phenomenon of stress and stress prevention techniques.

Magdalena Falkowska

A business trainer and a coach. A graduate of the Political Sciences at the University of Wrocław and Elżbieta Sołtys School of Business Trainers in Krakow. A member of Polish Society of Business Trainers. Magdalena specialises in training in the following areas: auto-presentation, image building and leadership skills, communication techniques, team building, change management and occupational burnout prevention. Magdalena had worked in TVP Wroclaw as a news reader, reporter and a publisher for 25 years before she decided to change her occupation and to focus entirely on training. The art of live presentation was the essence of her professional life for many years, and that she uses today during trainings. While working for TVP Wroclaw, she also liaised with nationwide TVP channels as a Coordinator of Information Agency. Magdalena also has a 6 years’ experience in coordination of EU Projects from the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” in the years 2007-2013, including a number of trainings for the hospitality sector in Silesia Region. At the moment Magdalena is participating in a Coach training and will become a certified ICF Coach end 2014. Magdalena has three cats. She is interested in genealogy and loves antiques, especially old china.

Sławomir Muzioł

A trainer, a training projects coordinator, an animator of both local and international projects and a teacher. A graduate of the University of Szczecin, the English Studies and Political Science, as well as Elżbieta Sołtys School of Trainers and HR Consultants. A cofounder and a secretary of NGO “Polites” in Szczecin. Sławomir cooperates with numerous international institutions, including: Citizens of Europe e.V. in Berlin or Associazione Alouanur in Turin. A member of Nokia and Polish Foundation of Children and Youth training team “Make a Connection.” He designs and conducts training projects both in Poland and abroad mostly on the following topics : creativity, leadership, building effective team cooperation and educational projects management. As a teacher, Sławomir keenly introduces innovation and non-formal education methods to Polish public schools. During his trainings, Sławomir uses outdoor activities and active learning methodswhich inspire learning through experience process. He is interested in Scandinavian mythology, movie trailers from 80’s and 90’s, the Civil War and classic Japanese motorcycles.

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